Bryan Moffett promoted to COO at National Public Media

Bryan Moffett has been promoted to the COO for National Public Media, the organization that manages corporate sponsorships for National Public Radio, the Public Broadcasting Service, and their member stations. In this capacity, Moffett will oversee strategic planning, with a focus on generating corporate support for public media. Continue Reading

Online Audio On Stage At Advertising Week

It’s Advertising Week in New York this week. Jennifer Lane was there, and attended a panel sponsored by XAPP Media featuring a discussion of online audio ad campaigns. Bryan Moffett of NPR, Brian Benedik of Spotify, and Cathy Csukas of AdLarge talked about the push to offer innovative opportunities to advertisers. Continue Reading

RAIN Summit preview: Bryan Moffett discusses NPR’s plans for more personalized podcasting

Bryan Moffett is VP, Digital Strategy & Sponsorship Operations at National Public Media (NPM). We spoke with him in a pre-RAIN Summit phone conversation about NPR’s approach to its audiences via archived content, and the potential of its recently-announced launch partnership with XAPPmedia for voice-activated mobile ads. Continue Reading