Slacker Radio partners with XAPPmedia technology for voice-controlled music selection

Today brings an announcement from ad-tech purveyor XAPPmedia, describing a partnership with Slacker Radio that brings XAPP’s voice-interactive technology to Slacker listeners for navigating the music library. Slacker users are served promotions for playlists, artists, or songs, and can switch to the promoted music by saying a word or phrase without touching the screen. Continue Reading


XAPPmedia finds Apple has earlier ad load, but more artist promos

XAPPmedia published a special new report about Apple as a supplement to its usual quarterly ad load data. This focused study, which is the first from XAPPmedia to address a service by name, covers all of 2015 through August. Apple’s ad-supported streaming music property at the start of the year was iTunes Radio, which was then folded into Apple Music when it launched on June 30. Continue Reading


Triton Digital to represent XAPP Ads in JAX advertising service

Triton Digital announced today that it will represent XAPP ad inventory in JAX, the mobile advertising service created in january by XAPPmedia and jācapps, the Jacobs Media app development company. The deal pivots on XAPP technology called XAPP Ads. Continue Reading


Announcing the Internet Radio & Streaming Report 2015

RAIN News and XAPPmedia invite you to partipate in Internet Radio and Streaming Report 2015, a comprehensive survey of industry insiders about trends in the streaming audio marketplace.

Internet Radio and Streaming Report 2015 is an open survey intended for participants in the streaming audio industry. Both streamlined and comprehensive, it is designed to produce vital intelligence about industry issues in an efficient survey that can be completed quickly.

Click through for a link to the survey. Continue Reading