XAPPmedia to create voice skills for SurferNETWORK clients

XAPPmedia has entered a partnership with Internet broadcasting and streaming company SurferNETWORK. It will help SurferNETWORK clients to create custom skills and use voice controls on platforms such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. SurferNETWORK represents a range of clients, offering services for monetizing and streaming live or on-demand audio and video content.

“The voice assistant space is something we’ve had our eyes on for a while now, and it is an exciting new way for the radio industry to leverage the Internet, diversify their digital portfolio and reach their audience anywhere they are listening,” SurferNETWORK President Bill Grywalski said.

“SurferNETWORK was one of the first companies to provide streaming services for radio, colleges, sports teams, independent artists and faith-based communities,” said Ryan Higbie, XAPPmedia’s vice president of sales. “It is also known for a broad feature set and fanatical customer service. That is the just the type of company that XAPPmedia likes to have as a partner.”

Anna Washenko