XAPPmedia has created Alexa skills for more than 100 radio stations

XAPPmedia announced that in less than six months, it has deployed live Alexa voice skills for 119 radio stations. These custom commands allow quick, direct access to the stations on the Amazon Echo suite of home speakers and other technology using the Alexa system. XAPPmedia’s station clients are located in 26 states and the District of Columbia. Its interactive voice platform includes skills for podcasts, on-demand listening, and customized day-parted welcome messages.

“We are proud to be working with stations ranging from large radio groups like Scripps, Urban One, Bonneville and Federated Media to local operators such as Brooke Communications, All Pro Broadcasting, and Gabriel Broadcasting,” XAPPmedia CEO and Co-founder Pat Higbie said. “XAPP was able to move so quickly on behalf of 119 radio stations because of the four years of investment into our SaaS solution. The XAPPmedia Platform is designed specifically to deliver voice interactive engagement between brands, media and consumers and ensure high quality of service. A voice strategy for radio is about more than just getting your signal live on Alexa. It is also about capabilities that enable you to serve listeners on multiple voice assistants simultaneously and ensure high availability performance over time.”

Anna Washenko