XAPPmedia brings Alexa skills to first UK radio station

XAPPmedia launched a custom Alexa skill for Jazz FM. The debut makes Jazz FM the first UK radio station to roll out a custom Alexa skill. The station’s voice command has also launched in the U.S. and in India.

“Smart speakers are expected to be this year’s biggest selling Christmas gift,” Jazz FM Content Director Nick Pitts said. “Our Alexa skill gives our tech-savvy listeners not only a way to listen to our programmes but also to interact in a totally unique way with our output.”

XAPPmedia operates several options to help audio platforms create voice commands for smart speakers. Its One Voice AI can enable skills for multiple brands’ smart speakers, including Microsoft Cortana and Google Assistant alongside Amazon Alexa.

Anna Washenko

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  1. Not the first UK radio station with an Alexa skill though. Several other stations beat it. Next time I want PR I’ll do a drop here, nice to know you publish what’s handed to you without verifying facts.

    List Alexa skills with keyword radio in amaon.co.uk and order by newest arrivals, you’ll find at least 6 other UK radio stations were before it.

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