YouTube has social media features in development

YouTube is exploring the addition of some social features which could help music owners get more value from the video platform. The feature set currently in development is known as Backstage. It’s a move to be more competitive with the likes of Facebook or Snapchat, but the music industry should also keep tabs on what the plan says about YouTube’s next directions. Continue Reading

WNYC makes code open source for social audio post generator

WNYC has announced a new development for its Audiogram Generator, a tool that converts audio to video so it can be shared more easily and effectively on non-audio platforms like Facebook. The Generator has been released to the public as open source project on Github, meaning any audio content producer can leverage the approach to sharing audio on social media. Continue Reading

Whooshkaa podcasting platform getting Facebook audio

Australia-based Whooshkaa announced that it will be using new audio sharing technology from Facebook, so its shows can be played directly from the social network’s main feed. “After months working with Facebook, we’re delighted to be the world’s first podcasting platform to take advantage of this new audio sharing technology, joining the likes of Spotify and the United States’ National Public Radio,” founder Rob Loewenthal said. Continue Reading


Facebook unveils new rights management tool for video (and music?)

Facebook has launched a Rights Manager tool to help monitor and protect copyrighted content on the social media network. The main focus of the discussion is “freebooting,” in which videos are easily ripped from the content creators and shared by Business Pages to grow their own online audiences to the loss of the original sources. At first glance, this isn’t an obvious musical development. But the comparisons between Facebook’s Rights Manager and YouTube’s Content ID programs are obvious and point to the broader consequences of this initial action by the social media company. Continue Reading