Tim Cook worries “about the humanity being drained out of” music

Apple has been closely tied to music’s journey into the digital realms from the beginning. That journey has gone to many new places, but Apple is still keeping pace with the changes and doing its best to stay ahead of the game. That’s the takeaway from an interview CEO Tim Cook gave to Fast Company about Apple’s position as a tech innovator and where music fits into the picture. Continue Reading


Research finds Siri falling short among voice systems, but more domain support could change that

Apple HomePod is still making headlines as the newest contender in the smart speaker space. Loup Ventures conducted some insightful research comparing Siri on the HomePod with rival voice AI systems. Although Siri fell short, there are some quick ways for Apple to improve the score for its voice system. Continue Reading


One month of Apple Podcast Analytics: How’s it going?

Apple rolled out the beta version of its hotly-anticipated podcast analytics in December, meaning show producers have had about a month to collect and assess new amounts of data around how their work performs in one of the most important podcast platforms. Wired spoke to several industry leaders about Apple Podcast Analytics, and their early findings support the anecdotal evidence that podcast listeners are indeed deeply engaged with and supportive of their shows. Continue Reading