Google Podcasts brings its new look to iOS

Google Podcasts has made its debut on iOS. Anyone with a Google account can make use of the podcast app.

The service recently got a new look for Android, and that version is being rolled out to web and iOS platforms too. While the Android rollout is taking some time to reach all users, iOS and web are getting the update right away.

It took almost two years since launch for the Google service to make the leap onto rival Apple devices. Apple and Google have been competitors for a long time, and availability of one’s software on the other’s hardware has been a sometimes fraught question. In this instance, Apple Podcasts has a well-established listener base. It is one of the leading podcast platforms. Between the dominance of Apple’s existing platform and many third-party options (Spotify, Podcast Casts, and Overcast, to name just a few), it’s unclear how much of a bump this new launch will add for Google Podcasts’ audience.

Anna Washenko