Google Podcasts rolling out new app design, with auto downloading and notification management

Google Podcasts is getting a new look. A redesigned version of the Android platform is beginning a gradual rollout, bringing an updated layout and a few new features.

The Home tab now has a scrolling carousel of shows a user is subscribed to. Below is a list of subscribed episodes with brief show notes. From that list, a listener can start playback on an episode or add it to queue. All listening suggestions have been relocated to a dedicated Discover tab. There is a search field to look up specifics, and the app offers a similar carousel of podcasts, both a personalized set of recommendations and top shows by category. The final section is Activity, where the queue, downloads, and subscriptions are managed.

The redesign also brings some new features in the Settings menu. The update appears to officially launch auto downloading for new epsiodes. This feature has been available to select users in testing for months, and at least one person found it live in the updated version. There are also new options for notifications, allowing listeners to select which shows they want to see alerts from.

Anna Washenko