SoundHound launches new personal assistant program

For most of their lives, sound recognition apps SoundHound and Shazam have been playing tag with each other. But recently, we’re starting to see each company carve out a more unique niche. Today SoundHound introduced a new personal assistant. The program is called Hound, and it will be a direct competitor to Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana, or Google Now. Continue Reading


SoundHound, Shazam share top moments from the Grammys

Sam Smith and Beck might have taken home the statuettes, but according to SoundHound, the big winners from the Grammys were Ed Sheeran and Jeff Lynne. Sheeran, who was up for several awards, performed “Thinking Out Loud” during the show. It was the most SoundHounded song of the event and also translated into the most purchases through the app. Continue Reading