SoundHound adds its music recognition tech to Houndify voice AI platform

SoundHound is blending the old with the new in its latest announcement. The company is integrating the SoundHound music identification service that first launched it into the tech world is now available for license on its Houndify voice AI platform. The update means that developers and brands can use music recognition technology in their apps and products. The SoundHound service can be accessed through a visual interface or with spoken voice commands. Developers can start using SoundHound with Houndify by requesting access.

In its early days, SoundHound was often overshadowed by rival Shazam. Today, you’re unlikely to hear the company mentioned alongside voice AI leaders like Amazon or Google. But over the years, SoundHound has been making smart, quiet moves to build its reputation as an independent option in niche tech spaces. The company kicked off 2018 with a financing round that valued it at an estimated $1 billion. If its Hound and Houndify programs can keep pace with the growth in smart tech and voice controls, it’s very possible that figure will continue to grow.

Anna Washenko