audioBoom/Edison study follow-up: Smartphones dominate podcast listening

Last week, audioBoom released the first results from a podcast listening study conducted in conjunction with Edison Research. Today, we have access to the full slideshow presentation for the study, which offer addition insight into the podcast audience. It covers listening platforms and places of choice. Continue Reading


The smartphone shift and what it means for radio

The smartphone is one of the most influential consumer electronics categories of the last 20 years. It certainly influences how Americans listen to radio and internet-delivered audio. At RAIN Summit West, Edison Research President Larry Rosin brought new metrics about smartphone listening from Edison’s ongoing Share of Ear and Infinite Dial consumer surveys. A shift is underway, too dramatic to disregard. Continue Reading


Nielsen finds radio’s reach remains strong despite stark generational preferences

Nielsen has released its Total Audience Report for the first quarter of 2015. The report showed impressive reach for radio, but a dwindling in how much time that large audience tunes in. Meanwhile, digital services and mobile platforms are seeing quick growth in usage. Terrestrial radio still has the greatest reach, with 93% of the adult population listening each week. However, time spent with radio has been slowly declining as most digital and online hardware has seen spikes in use. Plus the breakdown of audience ages shows low interest in radio among teens and young adults. Continue Reading


BBC leads global push for FM-enabled smartphones

The BBC is throwing its weight behind efforts to get FM radio chips enabled on smartphones. Research commissioned by the UK broadcaster found that the majority of smartphone owners want radio available in the devices. The study also highlighted the common concerns about that technology: mobile data costs, impact on battery life, and reception issues. Continue Reading


Forbes predicts 120 million active users for Pandora within six years; could it happen?

Forbes published an article with predictions about Pandora’s audience base, estimating that its number of active users would grow from 76.2 million in 2013 to almost 120 million during the next five or six years. That’s a bold prediction, especially considering that Pandora actually posted a small dip in monthly active users in its second-quarter conference call. The expectation is based on projections for smartphone growth and connected cars, as well as a presumption that Pandora will expand internationally. Continue Reading