audioBoom/Edison study follow-up: Smartphones dominate podcast listening

Last week, audioBoom released the first results from a podcast listening study conducted in conjunction with Edison Research. Today, we have access to the full slideshow presentation for the study, which offer addition insight into the podcast audience.

The results revealed a high degree of dominance for smartphones as a listening platform, with 82% of respondents using them as their primary podcast source. 93% said they spent any amount of time listening to podcasts on their phones. Computers only held a 9% share for primary listening, while iPods and other MP3 players took 5%. Voice-enabled speakers are already making inroads for this audience, with 5% of respondents saying that they have used those devices for audio podcasts.

The slideshow also dove into reports of listening location. Home is the primary listening source for 33%, and is an overall source for 80% of podcast listening. Vehicles took a 27% share for primary listening and 77% of overall listening; workplaces held a 31% share for primary listening and 59% of overall listening.

This survey was promoted by various audioBoom and partner podcasts, which helped to secure 6,602 online interviews. It covered U.S. respondents aged 12 and up who had listened to an audio podcast in the past month.

Anna Washenko