Pandora, iTunes Radio continue to shine in comScore’s latest smartphone report

comScore Smartphone apps Oct 2014ComScore’s latest data covered trends in the U.S. smartphone market, including an assessment of the most popular apps as of October 2014. Only two music apps make the top 15: Pandora with 41.6% reach and iTunes Radio/iCloud at 21.9% reach. The app data came from adult smartphone mobile media users from the iOS and Android platforms.

iTunes Radio is embedded in the iOS Music app, which contains non-streaming functions.

Those results are pretty well in line from other comScore findings from the second half of this year, which have consistently shown Pandora as a juggernaut in the mobile field. In its August mobile report, comScore ranked Pandora as the No. 5 most popular app with 69 million monthly users. iTunes Radio/iCloud was the closest music-only service with 40.5 million monthly users. ComScore also ranked mobile programs by time spent in-app in November. Pandora topped that list with an average of 1,271 minutes per visitor.

Anna Washenko