Apple Q2 2017 results show overall growth, few insights on Apple Music

Apple has posted its Q2 2017 results. Quarterly revenue for the tech giant totaled $52.9 billion, up from $50.6 billion in the year-ago period. Apple does not break out any of the financial details for its streaming music platform, but that product is included in its Services arm along with revenue from any of its digital content. Continue Reading


Omny Studio unveils analytics tool for streamed Apple Podcasts

Omny Studio announced the launch of Apple Podcast Consumption Analytics, which was first announced in a webinar with RAIN News in August. This service is now out of beta testing and is available to enterprise customers. Customers using the analytics will be able to track and report consumption data from streamed plays of podcast episodes listened to on the Apple Podcasts app. Continue Reading


Year-in-reviews: The music industry reflects on 2016

As 2016 crawls to a close and 2017 emerges on the horizon, it’s time for that most time-honored of traditions: the year in review. Music companies of all stripes have released their assessments of top performers from the past twelve months. Here’s a collection of the high points from 2016. Continue Reading