BBC director wants a larger overall audio audience, not larger radio share

James Purnell, the BBC’s director of education and radio, spoke at the European Broadcasting Union about the organization’s strategy for reaching a young audience that has increasingly favored digital over analog media. His proposed approach is to meet those potential listeners where they are rather than trying to convert them into terrestrial radio fans. Continue Reading


PRS for Music announces record high collections and distributions for 2017

PRS for Music, a UK collection agency, announced that it paid out record royalties to its members last year. The group’s 2017 payouts totaled £605.1 million, up 14.7% from the 2016 amounts. PRS said that 6.6 trillion performances were reported last year, a 53% on-year increase that led to a record-high collection total of £717 million. Continue Reading


UK songwriters’ group lobbies for a share of Facebook, Spotify revenue

Songwriters and composers in the UK are making a push for music publishers to include them in their recent licensing negotiations. Ahead of Spotify’s direct listening date, the British Academy of Songwriters, Composers & Authors is calling on publishers to commit to sharing proceeds from their sales of stock in the streaming music company. Continue Reading


Q4 2017 RAJAR results show digital edging closer to half of all radio listening

The Q4 RAJAR results round out a year of strong digital radio performance in the UK. The quarterly data showed that 48.9 million adults, or 90% of the adult population listens to their station of choice each week. That figure has hovered around 90% since 2011. Listeners consume an average 21.3 hours of live radio each week. Continue Reading


RAJAR Survey: Radio still leads, but on-demand has pull for youngest listeners

RAJAR has shared the results from its MIDAS Survey for winter 2017. Live radio has a 90% reach. Live radio also has the largest share of listening hours for each age bracket. The survey also offers data on on-demand listening and podcasts. Another interesting data set is the device share, which breaks down types of listening by platform. Continue Reading