Study from AT&T/Ericsson finds global buyers want connected cars

AT&T’s Drive Studio and Ericsson released a study that found that connected car services were of high importance for prospective auto buyers. The survey targeted customers who were likely to buy a car within the next five years, and the respondents were located in the U.S., Germany, Brazil, Japan, and China. The results showed that half of all those surveyed would switch car brands to get connected car services, and 72% would delay their purchase by a year in order to get those services from their preferred brand. Continue Reading

Spotify vs. Aussie piracy: Latest data is promising but not definitive

Spotify’s director of economics, Will Page, spoke at the Bigsound conference in Brisbane, Australia, about the impact of legal streaming services on piracy. His data showed that, in the year from December 2012, the volume of BitTorrent files downloaded by Australians dropped by more than 20%. Spotify launched in Australia on May 21, 2012. Since then, he said one in six Aussies have tried out the music service. Continue Reading

Bridge Ratings research finds little listener interest in adding news to pureplay streams

Do you want to hear more than music on your favorite pureplay streaming service? The findings from a study by Bridge Ratings indicate that many people are content with the status quo of songs only. “Adding news or commuter traffic content is likely not going to enhance the experience for most users of these services,” said Dave Van Dyke, Bridge Ratings’ president. Continue Reading

Market research pegs digital music revenue at almost $14 billion in 2019

Juniper Research projected that revenue for digital music will be slow to rise from an estimated $12.3 billion in 2014 to about $13.9 billion in 2019. While listeners are likely to gravitate toward cloud-based services, Juniper’s report projected that pureplay streaming services such as Spotify and Pandora will be tested by the growth of personalized music services from Apple and Google. Continue Reading

Research shows that Pandora is the top streaming service for Hispanics

The June data from comScore revealed that 25 percent of the service’s active monthly unique visitors, an audience of almost 19 million, are Hispanic. That’s enough people to make Pandora the top music streaming platform for the demographic of listeners, even compared with endemic Hispanic sites such as Univision Digital. Continue Reading