Quick Hits: more plays for top Spotify tunes; following playlists in Bop.fm; subscriptions look lucrative

Brief news and worthy reads from around the web:

Play counts Spotify’s top 50: The MusicAlly blog posted some interesting data about the play counts for the top 50 tracks streaming on Spotify. The team found that those top tunes are getting streamed more. For the week of July 21, 2013, the top 50 hits were streamed 29.8 million times. For the week of July 20, 2014, those hits were streamed 62.1 million times, an on-year increase of 108 percent.

Bop.fm adds follow feature: Bop.fm’s members can now follow any user-created playlist. The feature can be used from the menu button while on the home page for any playlist. [The Next Web]

Billions of bucks expected in subscriptions: Futuresource Consulting published a report with projects for streaming music subscriptions in the U.S. and Western Europe. Although the company hasn’t released much data from the analysis, a senior market analyst said that all subscriptions in those regions are expected to generate $3 billion this year. [Telecompaper]

Anna Washenko