SoundHound adds automated Rdio playlist, following on Shazam’s heels

SoundHound Rdio playlistSoundHound announced that it has launched a new feature called Connect to Rdio. This update automatically adds all songs that a SoundHound user discovers to a special playlist within Rdio. Tapping the plus sign button that now appears in the results page will enable the feature. Those who already have Rdio accounts will be able to use the service right away, while those who don’t have it will see a prompt to download the app when they try to activate it.

Before this update, SoundHound already had tie-ups with several streaming platforms, including a similar automatic playlist feature via Spotify. This particular Rdio news, though, is similar to an announcement made by Shazam in July. The rival company said it would offer automated Rdio playlists in addition to full-song streaming from Rdio within its own app. SoundHound and Shazam have long been nipping at each other’s heels to secure dominance in the music identification field. It’s no surprise that both are rolling out similar features in an effort to land on top, but it does raise the question of how either company will to stand out, especially now that the initial divide between connected streaming services has disappeared.

Anna Washenko