Rdio launches new native advertising package

Rdio has introduced a new advertising product dubbed Promoted Music Experiences. This native advertising package is meant to leverage Rdio’s main features, including branded stations, branded profiles, and branded home stories. For brands that want the Promoted Music Experience, Rdio’s curation team will work with them to select songs and content that will best evoke a certain personality or tone. Continue Reading

Google goes native to promote Play Music free tier

The business of an ad-supported radio service can be a tricky one, balancing the listeners’ demand for free content with the need to stay afloat and make money to keep delivering that content. And with so many well-established players such as Pandora, Spotify, and iHeartRadio already sitting in comfortable positions, it’s extra challenging for a new face to break through the crowd. Yet Google is trying to do just that and it’s using native advertising to stand out. Continue Reading

adStream: MeUndies advertising is controversy-free in native audio

While reviewing the recently launched Chive Podcast podcast, we noticed an execeptional native ad performance for MeUndies, a lifestyle brand that mainly sells high-end underwear. The campaign keeps the hip tone of MeUndies marketing in general, while avoiding NSFW controversies that have characterized (and sometimes benefitted) MeUndies marketing in the past. Click to listen. Continue Reading

adStream: One advertiser’s use of native ads in podcasts (AUDIO)

Following our recent examination of native advertising growth for streaming audio, we were on the prowl for live campaign examples in podcasts. We found two instances of a podcast campaign by Casper mattresses, and those two examples demonstrate the range of ad-libbing that is possible when a podcast host is responsible for the marketing presentation. Click to listen. Continue Reading

Native advertising growth for streaming audio

Native advertising has ebbed and flowed across media categories for decades. 2014 has been a year in which the streaming audio market has embraced native campaigns, and signs point to increased adoption by advertisers, and increased offerings by publishers. We spoke to Cathy Csukas (Adlarge) and Lex Friedman (Midroll Media) for sell-side perspective. Continue Reading

adStream: Spotting a Pandora “Promoted Station”

adStream is a journal of ad-stalking and interesting commercial sightings in online audio services. In Pandora, Promoted Stations are sponsored playlists branded by advertisers, and co-created with Pandora’s curation experts. The program launched in May with several advertising partners, but the sponsored stations are difficult to find. We found one. Continue Reading