Dashboard? Eh, it’s time for the back seat integrations

The connected car revolution continues to grind along incrementally, model year after model year, with app connectivity becoming easier as the American auto fleet (12 years old on average) modernizes. The digital dashboard is the gridiron, and the traditional button radio is the line of scrimmage as audio providers collide for position. But it doesn’t end there. Continue Reading


iHeartRadio wins pre-1972 case in Georgia Supreme Court

The Georgia Supreme Court has ruled in favor of iHeartRadio in a pre-1972 copyright lawsuit. The online audio platform was in court over the question of whether its service should be treated as a broadcast, and thus exempt from a state statute that makes it illegal to transfer sound recordings without the owner’s consent. Continue Reading


Live podcasting takes off at SXSW, with iHeartRadio, PRX, TuneIn

For the first year, SXSW has opened a Podcast Stage for live podcast production, turning what is historically a recorded medium into performance art. It’s not a first-time breakthrough for podcasting generally, but it does start to put podcasting on an even footing with live music as a festival attraction — especially since the interactive and music agendas overlap this year. Continue Reading