Tim Cook worries “about the humanity being drained out of” music

Apple has been closely tied to music’s journey into the digital realms from the beginning. That journey has gone to many new places, but Apple is still keeping pace with the changes and doing its best to stay ahead of the game. That’s the takeaway from an interview CEO Tim Cook gave to Fast Company about Apple’s position as a tech innovator and where music fits into the picture. Continue Reading


Apple Music has 36 million subscribers, reportedly posting 5% monthly growth in the U.S.

Much of Apple’s subscriber increase is reportedly happening in the U.S. Unnamed sources told WSJ that Apple is posting 5% monthly subscriber growth in the United States, compared with 2% growth for Spotify. That has led many other publications to see this as a sign that Apple could overtake Spotify as the biggest subscription streaming service in one of the major markets, but that projection requires some caveats. Continue Reading


Apple Music for Artists beta launches, the first analytics effort from the streaming service

Apple has introduced an analytics dashboard that offers insights into listener behavior within the tech company’s streaming music service. Apple Music for Artists is only available to a few thousand performers in the initial rollout. Feedback from these artists made result in tweaks or improvements to the system before its broad launch in spring. Continue Reading


Apple acquires Shazam

Over the weekend TechCrunch broke news from undisclosed sources in Apple that the tech giant was close to acquiring market-leading music-ID platform Shazam — Apple confirmed the acquisition this morning. The enormously popular and influential Shazam has historically taken the role of Switzerland, standing in the midst of Spotify, Napster, Apple Music and others, offering to funnel ID’d songs to the user’s preferred listening platform. That could change. Continue Reading


Apple Music has 30 million subscribers, plans to convert many more

Apple Music has surpassed 30 million subscribers. That’s the top-line takeaway from Billboard’s recent conversation with the streaming service’s leadership. Jimmy Iovine, Zane Lowe, and Larry Jackson sat down with the publication to talk about their strategy for attracting even more paying listeners and expanding into all sorts of new exclusive content. Continue Reading