AdsWizz to provide dynamic advertising to HowStuffWorks’ podcast powerhouse

howstuffworks and adswizz canvas

Multimedia how-to publisher and podcast network HowStuffWorks is announcing today that it has selected AdsWizz to bring dynamic advertising to the HowStuffWorks podcast library and future releases. This partnership promises to double the advertising inventory in HowStuffWorks audio shows, while bringing more value to advertisers. The agreement touches on a crossroad where the podcast advertising business is poised.

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Apple launches programmatic mobile ad-buying for iTunes Radio; AdsWizz partners

itunes radio canvas

Starting today, Apple is making digital ad buying easier and more targeted for marketers in iTunes Radio, the company's non-interactive online radio service. One of the first outside partners to offer iTunes Radio to buyers is AdsWizz. iTunes Radio inventory is now available on AdWave, the company's global audio ad marketplace.

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