Internet Radio Rewind #047: Apple Music, Spotify growth; 8tracks adds music; April webcast metrics

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The weekly update of the streaming audio industry, from RAIN News. THIS WEEK: Apple announces its new music service; Spotify hits back with growth story; 8tracks also on the move; Triton’s Webcast Metrics Continue Reading


8tracks CEO David Porter talks about audio advertising

Last week we covered AudioHQ’s launch as a new audio ad network, partnering with 8tracks as a music-service partner. CEO Matt Cutair told us that his company seeks to facilitate a “middle market” between high-end premium sales and programmatic buying. To follow up on the content side, we spoke to David Porter, founder and CEO of 8tracks. Continue Reading


AudioHQ launches ad network with 8tracks partnership

AudioHQ, a digital audio ad-repping company, entered the market today with an announcement of a launch partnership with 8tracks, the crowdsourced uploading and listening platform. AudioHQ started in May of this year, and RAIN spoke with CEO Matt Cutair about his company, the digital audio advertising marketplace, and the 8tracks alliance. Continue Reading


Curation: The programming buzzword for 2014 which drives acquisitions

by Brad Hill

Google’s acquisition of Songza is widely regarded as a buy-in of Songza’s unique “Concierge” delivery of personalized music, based on each user’s activity and mood combined with other data signals. The backbone of Songza programming is assembled by a team of 60 music specialists, and their work is supplemented by a Big Data-fed algorithm which refines the output based on the listener’s history of song votes and song skips.

Songza’s formula, and those of other music services, which determine what a listener hears, all fall under the broad term “curation.” All music services that provide some degree of interactivity deploy a curation strategy. The underpinning of that strategy is subject to trend and vogue. How has music curation evolved, and what is the trend this year which is driving acquisitions?
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