8tracks to restrict international listening (for now)

8tracks Logo June 2015 canvas8tracks announced an update in how international listeners will be able to access its playlisting service. The company said that outside of the U.S. and Canada, listeners would only be able to experience playlists by YouTube video playback. They’ll also be able to stream playlists made from tracks that they’ve personally uploaded. International users can still create playlists, and those lists will be available to others based on the new rules. The big change is that international listeners will not be able to stream from the iOS or Android mobile apps anymore.

8tracks said the change is in order to seek out a licensed, global on-demand partner to supply tracks outside the two North American markets. “After all, many in our community no longer have local MP3 or AAC files from which to compile programming,” the blog post read. The company said it plans to have all 8tracks playlists available through an on-demand partner’s website and native apps for an international audience in the future.

Anna Washenko


  1. 8tracks is dead. Bye bye.
    Just because of these prehistoric geographic copyright laws.

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