Loup Ventures: Amazon still tops U.S. smart speakers, but Google projected to take the lead

Loup Ventures has published its latest update to its forecast of smart speaker sales. The revised predictions anticipate that 2019 will see 72 million unit sales, up from 52 million sales in 2018. The company is adding Chinese manufacturers to its global model, reflecting the growing presence those brands are having on international sales. Continue Reading


Kickstarter and XOXO cancel their new business for Drip subscription

Getting paid is usually at the front of any artist’s mind, and while it seems like there have never been more options for making money in a digital economy, the existing platforms can change at a moment’s notice. One such service is Drip, which was initially a fan service for indie music that Kickstarter acquired in 2016 and relaunched the following year for broader aristic subscription support. Continue Reading