DAX U.S. will offer ad personalization tools with Frequency deal

DAX U.S., a branch of UK media and tech company Global, announced a new partnership with Frequency, which self-describes as the first “creative management company.” The deal will offer data-driven dynamic audio advertising for DAX clients, providing them with personalized ad creative based on real-time data and an individual’s listening history. Continue Reading


Pandora survey: Latinx listeners connect with brands that reflect their culture

Pandora released a report about Latinx listeners, exploring both their music consumption trends and how they identify with different aspects of American and Hispanic culture. With 58.9 million Hispanics living in the United States, representing 18% of the total population, this community is deeply engaged with music and commands a large potential audience for advertisers. Continue Reading


Apple officially ends the iTunes era with rollout of new Mac operating system

Since its debut, the iTunes platform has been synonymous with the music industry’s adaptation to a digital world. This week, Apple has rolled out its new operating system for Mac computers, Catalina, and with it, the company marks the end of its iTunes era, reflecting the entertainment business’ shift to streaming models that offer access rather than ownership. Continue Reading