iHeartRadio launches Facebook Watch show

Facebook introduced its new internal video platform, Watch, in August, and music brands are already hopping on the bandwagon. iHeartRadio is one of the early adopters, and has launched a show called “iHeartNow with Elvis Duran.” Duran is a DJ on iHeartRadio and will host interviews with musicians and celebrities. The show will have new episodes every afternoon. Continue Reading


iHeartRadio inks hospitality industry deal, bringing music to hotel guests

iHeartRadio’s music programming will soon be available in hotel rooms thanks to a new partnership with KEYPR, a cloud-based guest service platform for the hospitality industry. iHeartRadio will be accessible directly on KEYPR in-room tablets. These devices can also provide guests with a directory of hospitality services and a keyless entry option for their room. Continue Reading


iHeartRadio adds slate of NPR podcasts

iHeartRadio and National Public Radio (NPR) are doing business. An announcement on the iHeart blog says that over 30 NPR podcasts are now available. We count 36 shows in the app today — mostly hit shows that any podcast directory would like to distribute to retain fans. Invisibilia, TED Radio Hour, Fresh Air, Pop Culture Happy Hour, NPR Politics, and other familiar titles are in there. Continue Reading


Dashboard? Eh, it’s time for the back seat integrations

The connected car revolution continues to grind along incrementally, model year after model year, with app connectivity becoming easier as the American auto fleet (12 years old on average) modernizes. The digital dashboard is the gridiron, and the traditional button radio is the line of scrimmage as audio providers collide for position. But it doesn’t end there. Continue Reading