Live365 reaches distribution agreement with iHeartRadio, placing internet radio stations

Internet radio station provider and listening platform Live365 has announced that some of its stations will be carried on iHeartRadio starting this week. Six stations launched the collaboration:

  • FloodFM (Alt/Indie)
  • ShaqFu Radio (Hip-Hop/Urban)
  • Smooth Jazz Florida (Smooth jazz)
  • Amazing Hope Radio (Inspirational/Christian)
  • Jack Sonni Guitar Radio (Blues/Americana)
  • DopeRadioFM (Hip-Hop/Urban)

The lineup quickly expanded. Live365 hosts over 3,000 webcasters, and the company has told RAIN News that more stations will continue to be added on iHeartRadio.

Live365 says this is the first step in a continuing outreach program to increase distribution of its many pureplay internet radio stations. “Being able to showcase some of our standout stations on iHeart is a testament to the hard work our broadcasters put in to programming quality stations that are not traditionally represented on the radio dial. We will continue to work with world-class distribution companies to help listeners discover the top-notch content available on Live365,” said Live365 BM Jason Stoddard.

Live365 has an epic and seminal history in independent webcasting, serving entrepreneurs at all levels  from hobby stations to full-time ventures. The outfit was launched in mid-1999 and operated continuously until January, 2016. (See RAIN’s coverage HERE, HERE and HERE.) At that time, the Copyright Royalty Board (CRB), which regulated online audio streaming royalty rates for use of music recordings, raised those rates to a point which broke Live365’s revenue model. (In addition to the raised rates, a law protecting small webcasters from full rate increases in the past expired. See RAIN coverage HERE.)

In July of 2016, Live365 was acquired by entrepreneur Jon Stephenson, fronting a company called EmpireStreaming, stirring speculation that Live365 would be revived. That revival happened in May, 2017 (RAIN HERE).

Live365 makes its money in two ways: Station subscriptions, and advertising. Station owners can choose whether to have an ad-free or commercialized station.


Brad Hill