Pod Drop: Hiking, roaring, and hip-hopping

Trail Weight / The Podglomerate

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A 1st-person documentary chronicling a year in the narrator’s life. He is Andrew Steven — out of shape, preparing for an arduous month-long hike, and coping with family loss. It’s an audio diary, essentially, enlivened by interviews with authors, experts, Olympians, and special guests. Two 30-second prerolls: AT&T and Hotels.com.

Roaring Earth / Roaring Earth

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Stories of the planet’s animals, wildlife, ecosystems, and natural phenomena in a new podcast from the wildlife media network of the same name. As suspenseful as murder mysteries and as exciting as action thrillers, the promo promises. The first two episodes are about great white sharks and India’s sloth bear which fights tigers. No preroll. 

Fresh Era / Stupid Fly

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Stupid Fly is a new would-be podcast network associated with ART19, and this first outing is a Hip-Hop history show with immersive production values. Interview subjects are music pioneers who talk about their journeys to the top. The first episode features Dres (born Andres Titus) who was in the 90s group Black Sheep. Up next is Chubb Rock. No preroll.


Brad Hill