Universal launches network to connect with music and media tech startups

Universal Music Group announced the creation of an accelerator engagement network designed to help the major label build ties with the next wave of music startups. Up to ten programs will participate in the first year of the project. UMG will provide industry expertise during the application process as well as mentorship to companies focused on digital music that are accepted into the accelerators. Continue Reading


Pandora “Definitive Guide to Audio” report highlights listening trends chipping away at radio

Pandora has given RAIN News a first look at its 2018 Definitive Guide to Audio, a report on the state of the industry with some statistics on terrestrial radio, streaming music, and podcasts. It’s a beautifully produced collection of data points and research that (unsurprisingly) creates a narrative showing streaming audio in a positive light. But it also does present some of the pain points facing broadcast in particular as audio consumption changes. Continue Reading


Lore is the latest podcast to hit the small screen

We’ve been profiling a trend over recent months of the film and television industry of finding new source material in podcasts. The latest project in this vein to hit the airwaves, or at least your fiber optic cables, is Amazon Prime Video’s Lore. The show is based on a podcast of the same name by Aaron Mahnke featuring real-life stories of horror, witchcraft, and medical malpractice. Continue Reading