SHOUTcast announces new products for stream monetization, TargetSpot integration

After the announcement of its re-launch in July, SHOUTcast has unveiled three new products to complement its existing service. These options offer broadcasters simple approaches to generating revenue, building on the integration with TargetSpot and monetization options promised in the earlier news. Continue Reading


SHOUTcast re-launches with Radionomy integration and improvements for station owners

Venerable Internet radio platform SHOUTcast, which was acquired from AOL by Radionomy early this year, is re-launching this week with enhancements that should benefit SHOUTcast station owners. The SHOUTcast brand, station directory, and back-end tie-ins with mobile apps all remain intact. The noteworthy changes are intended to provide station owners with a less expensive, more lucrative, and better informed experience. Continue Reading

INTERVIEW: Faisal Sultan, Internet radio entrepreneur

Faisal Sultan is the founder and owner of FRISKY radio, a 12-year-old EDM pureplay station. He worked for several years at AOL, as an engineer and product lead for ShoutCast, Winamp, and AOL Radio. We spoke with Faisal Sultan about how he built his pureplay station, how the business is framed, and his feelings about the ShoutCast product he helped create. Continue Reading