INTERVIEW: Faisal Sultan, Internet radio entrepreneur

Faisal Sultan is the founder and owner of FRISKY radio, a 12-year-old EDM pureplay station. He worked for several years at AOL, as an engineer and product lead for ShoutCast, Winamp, and AOL Radio. We spoke with Faisal Sultan about how he built his pureplay station, how the business is framed, and his feelings about the ShoutCast product he helped create. Continue Reading


Stay of execution for Winamp and Shoutcast?

Friday is Winamp/Shoutcast Shutdown Day. Not exactly a national holiday, but a day of real significance for observers following the AOL-owned saga, and even more for stakeholders. On the back end of the ShoutCast directory are hooks that power a large number of mobile listening apps and entertainment devices. Those participants in the ShoutCast ecosystem have the most to lose. Continue Reading