#tbt: Looking back at Shoutcast in 2002

We are adapting the “Throwback Thursday” social meme to cast an affectionate backward glance at music sites of the past.

Today, a rear-view image of SHOUTcast, one of the most influential early streaming music platforms (and still influential today). SHOUTcast was created by Nullsoft, the startup behind Winamp, an iconic desktop music player still in wide use. Nullsoft was acquired by AOL in the 1990s. Exactly one year ago today, AOL sold Winamp and ShoutCast to Radionomy, where SHOUTcast station aggregation lives side-by-side with Radionomy’s original listening platform.

Here is SHOUTcast in June, 2002, with its then-trademark orange-infused color scheme:

tbt shoutcast june 2002

SHOUTcast’s modern look is influenced by Radionomy’s design language. Quite a difference.


tbt shoutcast now


Brad Hill


  1. Great retrospective, Brad! Indeed SHOUTcast has come a long way since it was started back in 1998. It is an honor for Radionomy to be stewards of this great software, and we’ve kept the software free while continuing to introduce new features for broadcasters like optional revenue generation with built in ad insertion. I can mention that a new version of the software will be released within a few weeks with some exciting new features. We’re also looking to add more features to the shoutcast.com website! Got some ideas? Send them along: broadcasters@shoutcast.com

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