Shazam opens up its verified artist program for social sharing

Shazam announced that it is opening up its verified artist program to any performer or band who wants to participate. The verified artist designation allows that profile to share music discoveries with a fan base. The company has been trialling the verification program for the past two months with about 200 artists. Shazam said that it has an audience of 1.4 billion followers for that first set of verified profiles. Continue Reading

Shazam 2014 results show growth in audience and net losses

Shazam has reportedly filed financial results for its entire 2014 financial year. While the sound identification app did post solid numbers in terms of audience base, it still had losses overall in the period. Revenue at Shazam in 2014 totaled about £36 million, but the net loss was £14.8 million. The results did reveal nearly 120 million monthly active users for the service, though. Continue Reading

Spotify, SoundCloud, and Shazam execs recognized as top European entrepreneurs

The Financial Times published a list of the top 50 tech entrepreneurs in Europe, and the rankings included several key players from the music industry. The list of CEOs and founders was compiled with the help of Founders Forum. Any nominees had to either be European nationals or live in Europe while running a tech company. Spotify CEO Daniel Ek took the top spot. Continue Reading


Now you can Shazam images, opening up new mobile business options

CEO Rich Riley said at the start of the year that Shazam would make pushes into more than audio, and to that end, the company has rolled out a new visual component for its mobile app. The software made its reputation for the ability to recognize and identify songs; now it can also scan for an image. What’s Shazam’s end goal in expanding beyond audio? Continue Reading

What can you listen to with the Apple Watch on Friday?

Friday is a big day for tech aficionados, as the much-discussed Apple Watch will finally arrive in stores. A new Apple device, even one as divisive as the smartwatch, is always cause for big buzz. In this instance, one of the notable topics is which services that we’ve come to expect on iPhones will be making the transition to the wrist. Continue Reading

Shazam plans to move into wearables this year

Wearables have been the big buzz of the tech world recently, and where the tech game goes, the app developers will follow. Rich Riley, CEO of Shazam, spoke with Gizmodo at MWC 2015 and said that the company is looking to push into the world of smaller screens and wrist access. “I think you’lll see us move into wearables in 2015,” he said. “You’ll see us do something there for sure.” Continue Reading