Edison Research: Podcast users shift from AM/FM, listen to podcasts more than anything else

In a newly released piece of the ongoing Share of Ear study by Edison Research, podcast users justify the “super listener” label bestowed by Edison’s report last fall. The updated fall edition of Edison Research’s Share of Ear study revealed that podcast listeners spend six hours and eight minutes each day (on average) consuming audio, and are shifting away from AM/FM listening. Continue Reading

Streaming audio now bigger than AM/FM for teens: New Edison Research data

American teens listen to more streaming audio than AM/FM radio, according to fresh survey data from Edison Research in its ongoing Share of Ear research. The age group (13-17) represents so-called Digital Natives, whose consumer choices might be predictive of future mainstream behavior. Continue Reading

Edison Research: Share of ear in the car

Edison Research released a new piece of its landmark Share of Ear research, a large-scale survey first introduced in June. The latest component is an infographic detailing the percentage of listening to audio sources in the car. Share of Ear respondents indicate that AM/FM listening still dominates in the car, followed by satellite radio. Continue Reading

Streaming’s Share of Ear in U.S., U.K. Are Similar

Recent info from Edison Research’s Share of Ear study puts listening to Internet radio/Music in the US, among persons 12+ at 11.6% of overall listening to all legitimate sources of audio. Right around the same time we were discussing this study at RAIN Summit Indy, similar information was being presented at the Nextrad.io conference hosted by RAIN friends James Cridland and Matt Deegan. RAIN will be examining the online audio marketplace in the UK and across Europe in November at RAIN Summit Europe which will take place in London on November 4th. Continue Reading

Edison reveals new “Share of Ear” metrics at RAIN Summit Indy

In a special presentation at RAIN Summit Indy on Tuesday, Larry Rosin, President of Edison Research, broke out new statistics from the “Share of Ear” study conducted earlier this year, and initially summarized in June. Attempting to quantify how American adults listened to audio from all sources, Share of Ear attributed 11.6% of listening to Internet Radio — in the study context, that meant both non-interactive services like Pandora, and interactive services like Spotify. In the RAIN Summit presentation, Larry Rosin unpacked that metric to illuminate more detailed findings. Continue Reading

Edison Research releases “Share of Ear” study: AM/FM at 52% of all listening sources

Edison Research has released a summary of what it characterizes as a “groundbreaking” study of what American adults and teens listen to. Called Share of Ear, it is a new research franchise for Edison, which earlier this year released the 22nd edition of its annual The Infinite Dial study.

All told, the study reveals that Americans listen to just over four hours of audio per day. AM/FM radio accounts for 52.1% of those four hours each day. Internet music listening gets 11.6% of the “Ear.” Owned music, which represents non-streamed and non-broadcast listening, takes 20.3% of listening in the study. Continue Reading