RESEARCH: Native digital media is “past a point of no return”

New research by Bain & Company determined that native digital media has reached a critical mass, and give some insights into how companies in entertainment, publishing, and services could begin to adapt. “Entertainment has passed a point of no return in its transition to native digital,” the report said. It pointed to five key points that businesses would need to address in order to see the most success and shared insightful data points to support this fast-moving trend. Continue Reading

Centennials infographic: more knowledge about “digital natives”

Last July Mark Mulligan produced a study of “digital natives” — the generation which has never known a world without online connectivity and unlimited content. Another name for digital natives is Centennials, marking a demographic born in 1997 or later. A new infographic illustrates a research study about this key cohort. Continue Reading

Streaming audio now bigger than AM/FM for teens: New Edison Research data

American teens listen to more streaming audio than AM/FM radio, according to fresh survey data from Edison Research in its ongoing Share of Ear research. The age group (13-17) represents so-called Digital Natives, whose consumer choices might be predictive of future mainstream behavior. Continue Reading