Edison Research: Share of ear in the car

Edison Research released a new piece of its landmark Share of Ear research, a large-scale survey first introduced in June. The latest component is shown as an infographic detailing the percentage of listening to audio sources in the car:

share of ear in the car


Share of Ear respondents indicate that AM/FM listening still dominates in the car, followed by satellite radio. The “Owned Music” category includes CDs and downloaded music files. Streaming audio claims only 3% of earshare in the car, far lower than the 11.6% in the study’s broadest context. In fact, the disparity between AM/FM (which claimed 52% of total share) and streaming audio was widened in the car — radio’s traditional stronghold.

The in-car listening piece is the latest of incremental releases from Edison, based on its milestone study of what Americans listen to, among all audio sources. A previous Share of Ear release was a dive into Internet radio, breaking out sources within that category of listening (presented at RAIN Summit Indy).

Brad Hill