Morgan Stanley ranks radio and online music sources

In a private note to investors, Morgan Stanley issues results of a 2,000-person survey that canvassed for listening choices. Quartz got hold of the report and shared a chart (see below) showing the most-used audio platforms. AM/FM radio had the greatest reach in this sample, with 86% of respondents claiming to us traditional radio. As there is no specific information about the question or the usage time period, this info is broadly directional.

Sixty-two percent of those surveyed use YouTube, as the second most popular platform, outstripping Pandora usage by nearly double (33% for Pandora).

TV music channels also performed well, as we also saw in theĀ Share of Ear study from Edison Research. In that milestone report, TV channel listening captured 5.2% of all U.S. listening, including owned music (CDs and music files) — a broader reference frame. Morgan Stanley measured 27% use.

As you can see below, SiriusXM and Podcasts were included in the survey.

morgan stanley ranking chart

Brad Hill