Pureplay of the Day: Leonard Nimoy tribute

It’s too much to say that the RAIN News editorial office is obsessed with Star Trek, but everyone here is a fan. As with many other people around the world, the momentous death of Leonard Nimoy affected us strongly. To find a streaming audio tribute, we turned to a source that is obsessed with Star Trek: Kurt Hanson’s AccuRadio. We weren’t disappointed. Continue Reading


Kurt Hanson: Target’s Failure in Canada Holds Lessons for Broadcasters

by Kurt Hanson

In 1962, a confluence of events occurred that eventually disrupted and transformed U.S. retailing. RAIN News founding editor Kurt Hanson examines what went wrong with retailer Target in Canada, and extracts lessons for broadcasters in the digital era. Plus…his dog goes shopping. Continue Reading


STRATA re-positions Pandora in its media buying platform

STRATA, a media buying platform that connects advertisers with media publishers, has re-positioned Pandora’s ratings profile on its dashboard, separating it from radio stations, according to Inside Radio and RAIN News sources. The action represents the latest twist in a long path of Pandora competing against U.S. broadcast radio for advertising dollars. RAIN spoke to several sources for comment. Continue Reading


Kurt Hanson: Hope to See You in London!

Online radio is not just a North American phenomenon — it’s a global one. Reflecting the global nature of online radio, we are about to host our third annual RAIN Summit Europe, on Tuesday, November 4th. After successful events in Berlin in 2012 and Brussels in 2013, this year we’re coming to London … and here is why you should join us! Continue Reading