Kurt Hanson: San Diego radio losing a valuable brand name in “Jeff & Jer”

by Kurt Hanson

Morning drive team “Jeff & Jer” are departing the San Diego airwaves. Whatever the reason, says Kurt Hanson, stations should try hard to retain personality talent — a key strength of radio in its competition with satellite and Internet radio. Continue Reading

Kurt Hanson: Live-copy testimonials are back on late-night TV

by Kurt Hanson

Stephen Colbert debuted as the new host of “The Late Show” on CBS last night. One of the highlights was seeing the return of live-copy testimonial advertising from the show’s host. It was hilarious, and effective. Kurt Hanson connects the creative tactic to podcasting and music streaming. Continue Reading


Kurt Hanson: The Voltair Controversy

by Kurt Hanson

The Voltair controversy is a many-sided issue. When Randy Kabrich posted a piece of research that examined whether the audio processing technology increases ratings in Nielsen PPM markets, as Voltair claims to, Kurt Hanson was impressed — but suggests a different conclusion. Continue Reading