Gracenote brings metadata power to pay-TV music video experiences

Music metadata company Gracenote has launched new services aimed at helping pay-TV providers to create interactive music experiences. Integrating Gracenote’s tools would allow operators to create music video channels and services. It can create genre- or mood-based music video playlists with the ability to thumbs up or thumbs down songs for personalization. Continue Reading

Gracenote gets behind the wheel with unified music dashboard for car listening

Gracenote announced the launch of a new platform that will enter the increasingly crowded space of connected car dashboards. The product is called Entourage Radio, and this very interesting platform will connect music sources including AM/FM radio and streaming platforms in a single interface, then initiate new listening experiences based on song-ID. Continue Reading

Big Data Is Smart Data for Online Audio

Big data, the term used for collections of data that are so big that special processing is needed in order to use it, is a key component of customized music services. Big data processing is important on the advertising side as well. Jennifer Lane thinks about the possibilities that big data can offer to streaming audio. Continue Reading