Anchor Sponsorships have “effectively doubled” the pool of podcasts with advertising, company says

Anchor introduced its Anchor Sponsorships monetization platform in November, and is promoting a strong uptake among its users. According to a new blog post, Anchor says participation in the sponsorships program has “effectively doubled the total number of podcasts on the market that are running ads.” Continue Reading

Anchor Sponsorhips launches as “the podcast advertising platform for everyone”

Free podcast production and hosting service Anchor is introducing a new monetization plan for U.S. podcasters. Anchor Sponsorships is an automated service which matches advertisers with podcasts, and invites podcasters to create host-read breaks and insert them in their new and past shows. It’s an interesting long-tail play for both podcasters and brands. Continue Reading

Anchor 3.0 completes the company’s transition into podcasting

Audio app Anchor has released a third iteration of its service, a move that further double down on its new identity as a fast and simple podcast creation system. The company began as a social audio and new-radio app which allows users to record short voice clips for instant sharing and audio replies. It has since been building out tools to serve as a basic podcast platform. Continue Reading