Charting NextRadio adoption: 1M downloads; new features coming

NextRadio announced an adoption milestone: one-million downloads of the NextRadio app. With the announcement of one-million downloads comes an update of the app (scheduled for this Friday, October 17), that will put new, more interactive features into the NextRadio experience. We tracked and charted the history of NextRadio’s key adoption metrics. Continue Reading


Can FM Radio Be Liberated from the Car?

“The once-ubiquitous FM radio is today primarily enjoyed in the car, where a growing variety of audio consumption occurs. But stored and streamed content on mobile devices is steadily marginalizing the broadcast portion of in-car listening, sucking the audience lifeblood out of the medium.” Connected-car analyst Roger Lanctot contributes this guest column that examines how Sprint is handling its NextRadio implementation of FM in smartphones. Continue Reading


Internet Radio Rewind: #003

Internet Radio Rewind is a weekly program bringing you a quick and concise catch-up of the week’s top stories. Click the Play button, and be ready for the coming week. This week: Sprint and Spotify tie the knot … Royalty-free radio … One music service dies a quick death (maybe) … Rdio makes news … and a 100-day report from Beats Music Continue Reading


NextRadio metrics: “enhanced” content retains and engages listeners

Last December, after three months in the market, NextRadio had 83,000 phone activations; today that number is 175,000. The retention rate, which measures multiple uses within a 30-day period (similar to “active listeners” in streaming services), is holding steady at 32 percent across the time period. Continue Reading