Sprint has a new wireless bundle with a Tidal subscription

Sprint has unveiled two new pricing plans, and one of them leverages the wireless carrier’s stake in music streaming platform Tidal. The new Unlimited Plus plan will come bundled with a Tidal subscription in addition to Hulu access and other perks. Sources told Billboard that Sprint will be promoting the new plans with a marketing campaign that will include musical benefits such as ticket giveaways, live events, podcasts, and on-site artists. Sprint acquired a 33% stake in Tidal in January 2017.

Many streaming services have made their services available as bundles from telecoms. Sprint and Tidal’s situation is more unusual since Sprint has some direct ownership in the music platform. The two parties also collaborated for an exclusivity deal when Jay-Z, the core owner of Tidal, released a new album in summer of 2017.

Anna Washenko