Streaming services ask EU regulators to rein in “gatekeeper” behavior by Apple, Amazon

Several tech companies have pitched the European Commission to request limits on behavior from Apple and Amazon that they claim are anti-competitive. Spotify CEO and Co-founder Daniel Ek and Deezer CEO Hans-Holger Albrecht both signed the letter to EU regulators asking for “a level playing field” that prevents some tech giants from “regularly abusing their advantaged position.” Continue Reading


European lawmakers still hearing conflicting demands over safe harbor in Copyright Directive

European leaders are hearing continued pressure to create stronger solutions in securing the safe harbor clause. The latest move centered on a number of groups that lobby on digital rights sending a letter to Parliament calling for the clause to be eliminated from the draft of the European Copyright Directive. Continue Reading


Nordic countries report heavy music streaming use, favoring YouTube and Spotify

Europe’s Nordic region continues to be a standard-setter for digital music adoption. The Polaris Nordic Digital Music Survey 2017 surveyed residents in Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Denmark about their listening habits. It found that 80% of all inhabitants between the ages of 12 and 65 used at least one streaming service in the past year. Continue Reading


EU passes cross-border access rule for online services, including music streaming

The European Union has passed new rules aimed at advancing plans for a unified digital market in the bloc. The recent ruling allows online service subscribers from one nation to access those platforms when they travel to other countries in the EU. Streaming music falls under the umbrella of this “portability” rule. Continue Reading


U.S. music industry calls for support of EU law to address “value gap”

The U.S. music industry is petitioning its European counterparts to make copyright reforms that would address royalty payments made by online music distribution services. Several music industry organizations signed an open letter about the value gap in services that do a great deal of user traffic but make comparatively small royalty payments. It asks U.S. government representatives in Europe to support Article 13 of the Copyright Directive proposed by the European Commission. Continue Reading


Vevo names Jon Gisby as Head of Europe

Vevo has hired Jon Gisby its new Head of Europe. He joins the company after working on the BBC’s digital strategy and running content and services at UK ISP Freeserve. In this new role, he will be responsible for delivering Vevo’s plans for content, technology, and monetization in that market. Jon Gisby has been a forward-looking executive during a career with many parts. Continue Reading


Europe seeing progress toward DAB standard in cars

DAB and DAB+ receivers are making further inroads into car manufacturers. The majority of new cars sold in the UK, Norway, and Switzerland are now equipped with the digital radio receivers. Patrick Hannon, president of WorldDAB, said 82% of new cars in the UK have DAB as standard, followed by 73% in Norway and 65% in Switzerland. Continue Reading