NYT musical geography project shows artist popularity across the country

The New York Times has published a data visualization comparing the popularity of top artists across the U.S. The publication used a cross-section of Billboard’s Top 100 artists and YouTube viewing data to create heat maps of where those performers are listened to the most (and the least). The artist maps offer insight into where and how some newer big acts got their surge to the top, who is keeping the familiar names atop the charts, and which regions have the most die-hard fan support for local heroes. And yes, there are some interesting surprises. Continue Reading


Virgin, Verizon explore data-free streaming programs to mixed response

We have seen increased interest among mobile service providers in letting customers use select platforms without charging their data plans. Virgin Mobile and Verizon are both making inroads into the space, but there has been skepticism about how the carriers may go about securing those partnerships. Continue Reading


UK’s half-year data shows nearly 80% streaming growth

The British Phonographic Industry released half-year data about music sales in the UK. The report showed that there have been 11.5 billion tracks played in the first six months of 2015, compared with 14.8 billion plays in all of 2014. Dedicated audio streaming services see about 480 million streams a week. Stream Equivalent Album consumption for the first half was 11.49 million, up 79.5% from the year-ago period. Continue Reading


Spotify buys Seed Scientific, digging in as the data-driven streaming platform

Spotify has acquired Seed Scientific, adding to its cadre of big data capabilities. Under the new ownership, Seed Scientific will focus on analyzing the interactions artists, listeners, and brands have with the streaming platform. It will be the basis of a new Advanced Analytics division at Spotify, led by Seed’s founder and CEO Adam Bly. Continue Reading


YouTube adds new Music Insights analytics for artists

YouTube launched a new set of analytics called Music Insights specifically for musicians. The participating artists can use Music Insights to view engagement information, including their most popular songs and the locations where they have the largest number of fans. It also shares aggregated view counts, which include fan-uploaded videos using that artist’s songs as well as views of videos on the performer’s own channel. Continue Reading