T-Mobile’s Music Freedom subject to investigation in the Netherlands

T-Mobile logo canvasT-Mobile’s Music Freedom program is under investigation by a Dutch regulator. The program, which allows customers to stream music from a range of different services without counting against their data plans, launched in the Netherlands earlier this month. Now the Authority for Consumers and Markets will examine whether it creates an unfair disadvantage for competing services under the Netherlands’ net neutrality rules.

At a local press conference, T-Mobile reps said that most Dutch customers currently only stream music over wifi. The addition of the data-free streaming is projected to spark a 40% increase in streaming usage. The Dutch version of Music Freedom includes services such as Deezer, Tidal, Hits NL, Napster, and Nederland.fm. Apple Music is slated to be added in a few weeks, although Spotify may not be part of the package since it already has a deal with mobile carrier KPN.

Anna Washenko