CD Baby adds new analytics dashboard

CD Baby canvasDigital music distributor CD Baby has added a Trending and Analytics dashboard for its clients. This tool offers interactive data reports for the geographic areas where a performer’s music is popular. It also covers data about listening platform, such as what streaming service the music is being played on or whether plays come from a mobile device or desktop.

“This knowledge gives our musicians a vital guide of not only where to tour, but where to market their tracks and albums via targeted social media promotion,” said Kevin Breuner, CD Baby’s vice president of marketing.

Analytics offerings have been a growing part of how digital distributors can entice artists to their service. Larger streaming companies may even have their own in-house platforms for performers to use. Pandora has been making features of its Artist Marketing Program (AMP) open to more artists, and Spotify has revived its Spotify Artists hub.

Anna Washenko