Verizon now bundling permanent Apple Music subscriptions to its pricier plans

Apple Music is offering a new, expanded deal to Verizon customers. The two parties had previously run a six-month free trial program for members of the Verizon Unlimited plan. Now, people who are part of the Beyond Unlimited and Above Unlimited plans on Verizon will have access to an ongoing Apple Music subscription as part of their service. Continue Reading

Rumor Fact(ory): Verizon reportedly might invest in Pandora pending Sirius deal

We’ve been hearing speculation for many months that Pandora and Sirius XM are interested in building a closer relationship. Sirius XM has been rumored to want to acquire the online audio company, but the two parties have been at odds over price. New information from the New York Post’s Claire Atkinson indicated that if Sirius does back away, Pandora might have another interested suitor. Continue Reading

Crippled net neutrality threatens to unbalance Internet radio competition

Net neutrality advocates were bitterly disappointed, if not totally surprised, by today’s ruling against the Federal Communications Commission by a Washington D.C. appeals court. The court’s decision might be paraphrased like this: “You classified the Internet wrong. What are you going to do now?” We’re wondering the same thing. Continue Reading