Q4 2017 RAJAR results show digital edging closer to half of all radio listening

The Q4 RAJAR results round out a year of strong digital radio performance in the UK. The quarterly data showed that 48.9 million adults, or 90% of the adult population listens to their station of choice each week. That figure has hovered around 90% since 2011. Listeners consume an average 21.3 hours of live radio each week. Continue Reading


RAJAR Survey: Radio still leads, but on-demand has pull for youngest listeners

RAJAR has shared the results from its MIDAS Survey for winter 2017. Live radio has a 90% reach. Live radio also has the largest share of listening hours for each age bracket. The survey also offers data on on-demand listening and podcasts. Another interesting data set is the device share, which breaks down types of listening by platform. Continue Reading


RAJAR Q4 2015 sees radio on the rise across platforms

RAJAR data for the fourth quarter of 2015 revealed a fresh snapshot at radio listenership in the UK. The report found that the average listener spends 21 hours and four minutes with live radio per week. The reach for all radio was also strong, with 48.2 million adults (or 90% of the population over age 15) tuning in each week. More than half of the UK’s adult population is tuning in to digital formats. Continue Reading